Reducing the impact of human activity on nature is one of BeKoffee's concerns. Its products are manufactured taking care of nature and the environment and awaken the user to a greater environmental awareness about the reuse of waste. Nature, in its endless expressions, is also the origin of creativity, allowing to transform a residue into articles with an exclusive design.


BeKoffee combines in its products the technology of today with the tradition of yesterday. Inspires on traditional processes and customs to create new products with new materials. It keeps a connection to the traditional while investing in technology and science. It finds in the peculiarities of the traditions of each place the influence for its products.


The culture of peoples is an almost infinite wealth and a vast source of inspiration for artists and craftsmen throughout the ages. The entire creative process of BeKoffee products is wrapped in timeless artistic manifestations resulting from human activity that can be observed worldwide. Each piece carries a fragment of the culture that led to its creation, allowing BeKoffee to transmit knowledge and to thank the customer of their choice.

Handmade Items

The BeKoffee pieces are designed by themselves, inspired by nature and human activity, and are produced by hand using a composite material based on spent coffee grounds.


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