African Masks and their strands

Symmetrical Leaf Pendant

The mask is a symbol of Africa that for a long time was seen by settlers as an exotic and lush decorative object to display in their homes and museums. For African people the use of masks has a spiritual meaning, being a feature of sub-Saharan Africans, ie, the people south of the Sahara Desert. A people can have many different masks that vary in style, size, material used, uses and meanings. The African mask is an important element of cultural identity for each ethnic group, ensuring the richness and complexity of African cultural heritage. The artist and creator of masks has a respected position in African tribal society. His job is to provide several masks and sculptures to be used in ritual ceremonies. He is more valued for his spirituality than for his aesthetic qualities. If he does not have a spiritual dimension, his art will never gain the necessary elevation, only from mere craftsmanship. Each mask and statue must be able to communicate those high emotions that are born of a deeper mystical inspiration. This mysticism and diversity of forms was the inspiration for this necklace. A piece with spiked leaf geometry with geometric holes that resemble a mask, form the singular pendant that when combined with the different necklaces gives rise to a mystical piece.


Images are provided free by Pixabay