Masai Tribe

Traditional Circles Pendant

This necklace is inspired by Masai robes and culture, an ethnic group that inhabits the regions of Kenya and northern Tanzania. Due to their traditions and living in the vicinity of the East African game parks, they are one of the most well-known African ethnic groups in the world. Culturally, the Masai's official colour is red, and they are distinguished from other tribes by always wearing some red garment. It is a patriarchal society with the elders deciding on most issues for each Masai group. Always searching for green pastures to feed their herds, they have been touring Kenya and Tanzania for five hundred years. With their fearless warriors, they dominated the territory and prevented the colonial domination of the missionaries and the English about the traditions and customs of traditional society. Its exuberance and its clothes were the inspiration for this circular pendant, complemented by simple metallic beads in cotton yarn, which together make a simple and elegant piece.


Images are free provided by Pixabay