Tribes Surma and Mursi

Round Hole Top Pendant 2

In eastern Africa between Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya, the photographer Hans Sylvester photographed the Surma and Mursi tribes for six years. These tribes use elements of nature for body painting and as eccentric body ornaments, giving continuity to an ancestral art. These primitive tribes inhabit the valley of the Omo River, a site of important archaeological sites, in a volcanic region that provides an immense palette of pigments: red ochre, white kaolin, copper green, bright yellow or gray. A whole richness of colours extracted from powder stones, clay, fruits and plants. Far from the so-called modern civilization and the great urban centers, these tribes reveal a singular creativity in the use of forms, textures and colours, causing a great visual impact. Hans Sylvester's photographic work has been exhibited in countless art galleries throughout the world. His photographs have already been the subject of almost 50 books and one of these is "Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa" published in 2009. This beauty captured by the photos of Hans Sylvester was the inspiration for this circular piece patterned with circular holes creating a similar pattern the face paints.

Auxiliary Images come from: Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley, Hans Silvester